Time to Get a Table

I really need to get a dining room table that can comfortably seat at least 4 – 5 people. Not because I want to have a lot of people over for dinner, but because I could really use a big flat surface to use to study, eat and spread stuff out once in while. This table is way too small, I already have my printer on it, and it looks full.  The problem is I need to get one that will go with our existing chairs. I don’t want to have to buy new chairs and then figure out what to do with the old ones either. I’ve been stopping at yard sales, moving sales, and visiting some local furniture stores looking for the right table. New or used, I’m budgeting about $200, so eventually something will come along that fits the bill. I hope. I put the word out to my school friends and I might even be able to get one for free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Halloween Decorations

One of the families on our block put up this really elaborate Halloween decoration at their house. As you can imagine, this has been really popular with the kids, and it’s offering a place for kids to get “Safe Candy” and is endorsed by the local school PTA and community leaders.

It has attracted a lot of attention and I was lucky to get a shot without any crowds or cars.



Oregon Winter Surfing

I am no surfer. But one of my room mates and his friend is. So we took the SUV and two surfboards to catch waves from a recent storm.  I watched from afar near the warmth of the fire. The waves were actually quite small, 2-3 ft swells, but not much else. The day was a typical foggy and wet day along the Oregon coast. I needed to get out of the house. I had been so stressed out from school and life away from home that I just needed a break from the routine.  It was OK, I got some fresh air and time to think clearly away from the work and school grind.


Art or Not?

I attend a school well know for it’s art  museum. I appreciate art and generally enjoy painting. Sometimes though, I really don’t see the art the way the creator intended.  I’ll look and look and then get the feeling the joke is on me.  This one looks like a toilet bowl surrounded by food and drink.  What is this?


Oregon’s Beauty

I have always loved the outdoors and coming to Oregon has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many great people here  and I have been eager to go on exploration outings.  My room mate and I took the SUV to Cape Blanco Light house recently. It  started out like a typical Oregon day on the coast, a little foggy and overcast, but we had started out well before noon. We stopped for breakfast first and then drove out to the lighthouse.  It was a beautiful day, and when we arrived, there was no one else there. We had the place to ourselves! It was a bit windy, so we toured the light house premises and read about it’s long and storied history. We eventually climbed the long spiral staircase to the lantern room. The view was predictably breathtaking. As I looked across the ocean and reflected on the lives saved and disasters averted because of this lighthouse, I began to feel small, so barely significant in the scheme of things.  At the top we could see a cluster of rain clouds gusting our way and the wind speed began picking up. We left just in front of  rain cell that chased us for a good 10 minutes before we outran it.

Cape Blanco


Gift Card Swapping Rocks

At the diner where I work, we seem to get a fair amount of gift cards between all of us employees. We are near a major university and a few primary schools. Teacher and student customers will often leave a Starbucks card, a Target gift card, Movie Night cards, or whatever else they have that they are not using. I’ve gotten cards for groceries, nail salons, and Subway.  Food cards are always welcome, but a few cards to Target are great for household shopping items.  A customer who owns a local auto shop gave me a card for free oil change and I ended up trading that for one $25.00 dollar Target card and a $15.00 dollar Starbucks card.  I usually check my gift card balances online since some of the cards are not labeled.  Cash tips are still better than gift cards, but I have found that the gift card values are often higher than a cash tip would have been and some times people give both.

East Broadway Street - Granville, Ohio

Late Night TV


Sallie – dog tired

My night owl habits have had me interrupting study and sleep patterns for the last few weeks. I’ve mostly been watching   the Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon late night shows.  Kimmel is clever, witty, and has good sidekicks, but Fallon is putting on a one man entertainment tour de force each night. He sings, dances, acts, does impersonations, and does very wacky things with celebrities on a regular basis. One memorable moment was when he and supermodel Heidi Klum showed how they “Roll” on the floor together.  I have got to get smart and stop taking early morning classes. Going to be at midnight or later and being back in class by 7:30am ready to work or present a paper makes me cranky.

Going Back to School

I left my parents last week to head back to school in here in Oregon. This time I got a new place in town near the college and I can bike it some days instead of driving. Of course the very reason Oregon is so green and beautiful is because of all

the rain. I am better prepared this year, I have more rain gear, I am more adapted, I am closer to school, and  my bike has awesome fenders that cover the wheels. I also got a part time job at the local diner.  The owner will work with my school schedule, and I promised to work weekends as necessary. My dad hooked me up with the Comcast connection so I  now have something called Xfinity TV and internet. The internet is fast and I binged on the whole last season of “Orange is the New Black” in a week. What an ending! If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t tell you exactly what happened, but let’s just say one of the characters attempts to escape jail and it does not end well for her. Or at least it looks like it does not end well for her. We’ll see next season. Anyway, I have to get on with some statistics homework,  right after I make something to eat.

Villard Hall. Excellent Theater Shows.

Villard Hall. Excellent Theater Shows.